About Us

Meetco Logistics, is a Istanbul, Turkey based private limited company managed by highly experienced people and has been established in 2020. The people that created the name Meetco and chose to unite under this name knew from the very beginning that their job is very delicate, because they are the agents who help people to meet with each other. Being aware of the fact that transportation means bringing people together, Meetco Logistics is the forwarder of this invaluable fact and works with carefulness.
That’s why we say that;  
Raising expectations is an easy task that everyone can willingly undertake. Meeting the expectations is the duty to which we devote ourselves, because we believe that strenght, success and permanency are impossible without this founding ethical principle. So if reliance is your first criteria for a freight experience, you are in the right address. With our leading expert staff, we offer you maximum safety and quality, transparent and efficient transportation process, real-time tracking and monitoring for the best suitable price.